Transformer Overhauling

The basic meaning of Overhauling is to examine or go over carefully for needed repairs. In the process of Overhauling Engineers open the whole Transformer to do the needful cleaning, repair and replacement, in short the process includes overall inspection including lifting of core and coils.

Transformer Overhauling, Leakage Arresting & Electrical Testing

  • Dismantling of Transformer & Draining of Oil.
  • Lifting, Cleaning and Tightening of Core & Coil Assembly.
  • Gasket Replacement.
  • Nitrogen Purging.
  • IR Value Improvement by High Vacuum Oil Circulation.
  • Winding Insulation Paper Measurement of DP for RLA.
  • Initial & Pre-Commissioning Testing.
  • SFRA
  • Winding Resistance.
  • Turn Ratio Test.
  • No Load / Load Losses.
  • Tan Delta & Capacitance Tests on Bushing & Windings.


  • Increase IR Value.
  • Increases age of your Transformer 10 times.
  • Reduce maintenance expenses.
  • Improve Transformer reliability.
  • Reduce unnecessary repair/replacement costs.
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