Grooming the Engineers of today into the leaders of tomorrow that’s the broad objective of the Oasis Techno Engineers training program. Oasis have ventured with a new company called Neoasis Academy Private Limited (NAPL) to give emphasis and more focused approach towards enhancing the technical competencies. The group’s high-value, superior-quality training interventions are targeted at maximizing the potential of its pool of Engineers.

The primary instruments of the group’s learning and development Endeavor’s for its people are the Neoasis Academy Private Limited (NAPL), which aims to provide training to high performers within the group and to act as a cradle of change for Oasis executives, and which recruits fresh graduates and diploma holders with the objective of putting them on the best professionalism path.

Neoasis Academy Private Limited (NAPL) is launched by Technocrats having more than two decades of rich Industry experience. All the directors are qualified engineers having proven track record in their areas of expertise. NAPL has been launched with the sole objective to empower people with desired skills and competencies and transform their lives to excel in life.

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