Power System Study & Relay Coordination

Power System Analytical Studies (Fine-tune Your Electrical System For Optimal Operation)
Successful Projects Start With Sound Planning. As You Begin To Plan For A New Project, Evaluate An Existing Power System, Or Investigate A Specific Problem It Requires Important Decisions To Be Made. Oasis Techno Engineers Provides Essential Analysis And Planning Services That Help You Meet Your Goals.

Our Team Is Well Versed In Load Flow And Stability Analysis, Short Circuit Studies, And Time Domain Analysis. Our Engineers Work With Most Popular Software To Develop Accurate And Compliant Forward Looking Studies And Construction Work Plans.

Managing An Electrical System And The Energy It Delivers Requires:

  • A Comprehensive Understanding Of The System’s Normal & Abnormal Operation.
  • Knowledge Of A Wide Variety Of Equipment.
  • The Successful Application Of Industry Codes And Standards.

Our Analytical Studies Help Ensure Your Electrical System Operates As It Was Designed And Intended. Each Study Includes A Detailed Report Of Findings Along With Corrective Recommendations To Help Maximize The Reliability And Operational Efficiency Of Your System.

Oasis Techno Engineers Provides Power System Studies Such As:

Load Flow Analysis :- Load Flow Analysis For Full Determination Voltage, Active Power, Reactive Power, Power Factor And Transformer Control Requirements As Well As The Verification Of Equipment’s Ratings In The Event Of Outages And Faults In A Power System.

Short Circuit Analysis :- SC Analysis Considering Symmetrical And Asymmetrical Faults, For The Verification Of Equipment Rating, Earthing Requirement, Fault Voltages And Current As Well As Equivalent Connection Point Impedance.

Motor Starting Study (Static / Dynamic) :- To Check For Severe Disturbances To Motor, Other Locally Connected Loads And Also To Buses, Electrically Remote From The Point Of Motor Staring. The Possibility Of Motor Re-acceleration Under Different Contingency Conditions Is Also Checked.

Transient Simulation Study :- Determination Of Critical Fault Clearing Time Under Different Loading And Operating Conditions.

Protection Relay Coordination :- Protection Relay Coordination Calculation And Settings For Identification Of The Most Suitable Settings For Protective Relays For Various Fault Conditions So As To Provide Protection Coordination To The Plant Equipment With Optimum Sensitivity, Stability And Selectivity.

Arc Flash Study :- Arc Flash Study To Determine The Flash Protection Boundary And The Appropriate Level Of Personal Protective Equipment During Occurrence Of Electrical Arc Flash.

Harmonic Analysis :- Harmonic Analysis For Different Harmonic Indices/factor Related To Voltage/current Waveform Either By Measuring The Harmonic Level Or By Software Based Calculation Depending Upon The Data In Non-linear Devices Present In The System. A Thorough Analysis Is Followed By Necessary Recommendations.

Reactive Power Compensation Study (Power Factor Correction) :- Reactive Power Compensation Study To Improve Power Factor Of The Power System By Suitable Placing Capacitor Banks Or Other Type Of Reactive Power Compensation Device.

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